Bocce Ball


Since the Sons of Italy brought bocce, also known as Italian lawn bowling, to Key West in the late 1980s, our island city has been synonymous with the game. The fraternal order built courts at Indigenous Park at White Street and Atlantic Boulevard and founded the Southernmost Bocce League, creating a Conch institution. Per capita, we have the most bocce players in the world!

Now Turtle Kraals features the only courts in town with a view of the working harbor. Players can practice the finer points of their game on our open-air red clay courts, situated just past the bar on the ground floor. “Slow Your Roll,” we like to say of our finesse approach.

With origins in ancient Rome, bocce centers on aiming a small ball (the pallina) at larger balls of different colors with the goal of landing as close as possible. Whether you’re playing as a family or two-on-two on a Turtle Kraals Bocce League team (stay tuned to our Facebook page for season updates), the game is as relaxed or competitive as you like. Track points with a sliding clamshell on our custom scoreboards, recruit new friends to join your game, or simply enjoy drinks and have a good laugh watching people compete. Bocce is a game that anyone can play. At Turtle Kraals, that’s the way we like it.